In the history of WikiLeaks, nobody has claimed that the material being put out is not authentic. -Julian Assange


I am a supporter of the WikiLeaks movement, which seeks to increase transparency and accountability in governments by making classified information on unethical state activities freely available to the public. Although this is being met with much contempt on the part of many governments, there is equally a vast network of individuals across the world who choose to support WikiLeaks’ underlying principles of freedom of information and freedom of the press. Through this network, we can continue revealing unethical activities carried out by governments, press for them to be held accountable, and contribute to positive progressive change in political leadership culture.

If you support freedom of information and freedom of the press and want your government to be transparent and accountable for its activities, consider joining the WikiLeaks movement. WikiLeaks supporters are ordinary people and can choose to remain anonymous if they so wish.

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