But it sure is for PhD students!

I didn’t start out my PhD being such a chocoholic. But lately, as I’ve gradually come to the point where it all seems to be coming to a close (maybe, potentially), I’ve started snacking on choc-chip cookies dunked in Nutella…washed down with hot chocolate…and occasionally some squares of good old dark bitter.


Apart from being warmly, deliciously indulgent, these sorts of outrageous snacks remind me of a time I was backpacking through Switzerland and, on a short stopover in Zürich, indulged in a box of those wicked little Swiss chocolates that come in individual mini cupcake holders. Intelligently, they are just big enough to fill your mouth, allow the filling to melt, and tantalize your taste buds with velvety richness, yet just small enough to make you think “I’ll just have one more…”

Seriously. Yum.

At this rate, I’ll be submitting a very brown, very smudged, and very yummy-smelling thesis in a few months’ time. But what can I do? You’ve got to fuel the brain!

Anyway, it seems chronic chocolate dependence is relatively common in PhD students, especially those who are in the advanced stages of the disease research…