In a recent post I discussed the absurdity of having to cyberstalk potential thesis examiners to investigate their quirks prior to one’s viva (my preferred external, for example, apparently likes Bob Dylan, cosmology, and intelligent science fiction…and I still don’t know what to do with that information). Well, yesterday I found out that I have apparently, by way of a paper presenting my argument for a particular examiner, persuaded the (normally stern and unsympathetic) head of school to approve expenses of nearly a thousand pounds to engage this guy.


And now, much more than my impending viva, to which I really, really hope my preferred external will agree to come, I am petrified by the task of writing my thesis argument, and wonder constantly whether I could ever manage to argue a case so ‘persuasively’ again. I thought this only happens once in your career! Like getting something accepted without corrections! And I’ve already had both of those things!

This is absurd!