It’s raining in London today.

Actually, it started raining on Sunday morning, and continued to rain the rest of the day, and all through the night, and so on until this morning, when it mercifully ceased for just long enough that I could get into the office without needing to wrestle with my umpteen bags, umbrellas and raincoats.

And now it’s started again.

I have always associated rain with research because during the winter time, which is when I do most of my research (or at least data collection), it is almost constantly raining, and even when it isn’t, it is permanently overcast, meaning it always looks as if it might start raining at any time.

The view from my office, which I share with an alternating group of temporary and semi-permanent research staff, is decidedly quite mundane. For a start, the office is on the ground floor, meaning anything we can see is also at ground level, and anything slightly more exciting is blocked from view by the various other buildings around us. A great place to see London is actually from the window of the 3rd-floor ladies’ restroom, if you fancy a trip up in the lift.

Sometimes when it rains during the day, the clouds get so heavy it becomes dark, almost like it is night, and you are surprised to look at the clock in the corner of your computer’s desktop to see that it is only lunchtime.

The rain is relentless, either pouring, drizzling miserably, or stopping up occasionally to let the puddles dry up a bit before starting up again.

This is going to be one of the wettest data collection periods ever, in my thesis.

I can only hope the validity of my results is as abundant as the rain descending on us.