Well, I’m through, and, as I knew, it wasn’t half as dreadful as I irrationally thought it was going to be. I know my reviewers are laid back, but somehow that doesn’t help shake the chills off.

I feel remarkably elated today, possibly even more so than I did yesterday, at passing, and it’s only towards this evening that I expect that elation to wear off, gradually being replaced by that deep-seated restlessness that I’ve got to get on with my thesis. I’ve got to submit in May next year and I’ve got to get on with it. Hurry up.

And I’ve got so much to do, I don’t know where to start. And if you’ve not experienced a PhD, just know that it feels like that permanently, no matter what you do!

This is the beginning of the end, in the sense that I’ve got 10 months on my schedule and not a minute to lose. I’m virtually throwing myself into my work and not coming out until there’s nothing left to do.

And yet, there’s a whole world around me, outside this bubble I live in, zooming through time at break-neck speed, growing, changing, and thundering along. I’m missing that world and the people in it.

I guess I’m just waiting for one side or the other to tip the scales and then I’ll know what’s important.

What’s important.