“You must know why you are alive, or else everything is nonsense, just blowing in the wind.” – Chekhov

The reality we live in is merely a stream of consciousness that we create together. When we are no longer together – when we are alone – we cannot continue to create that reality. Because creating reality with others is what we do every day, alone we cannot understand why we are. Thus, things become nonsense – they can no longer be woven into a reality we construct with those around us – and we cease to have a purpose.

One of the major obstacles in the journey of bereavement is finding a purpose again. Where once living made sense because we shared it with someone, now it seems as if the tasks of each day are something I complete mechanically, without thinking, all the while wondering what my greater purpose in life might be. I thought it was to make you happy!

The Cherry Orchard is growing, blossoming, ripening, and you are not there to see it.